Wood evolution™ is a composite material derived from natural wood which evolves, thanks to a particular patented process. This technology allows us to use a real wood topsheet without compromising the functionality of the boards, increasing their performances and durability and making the product more sustainable, totally eliminating the use of common plastic materials and inks.

Wood evolution is the new sandyshapes technology for use real wood topsheet in handmade snowboards

It has not only exceptional mechanical and structural properties but it allows the use of very small thicknesses and acquires characteristics that natural wood would not have, with a multitude of possible applications. All of this maintaining an absolutely natural look in which the characteristics of the wood itself such as veins and knots are enhanced. The appearance is the one of the wood used, that can be of different essences or dyed. The wood then undergoes a treatment based on natural oils and waxes, which the user can also carry out over the years to reinvigorate and keep it functional through our Beauty Care Treatment.
Finally, using the laser technology, we are able to engrave our logo on the surface and avoid the use of inks and prints of any kind, as well as creating customizations for customers who want an even more unique and special product.

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