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sandy shapes snowboards audace


The word “Audace” means bold, daring, brave, audacious [from the Latin audax-acis, derived from the verb audere, to dare]. “Audace” is who has courage and shows it by exposing himself in difficult or dangerous business, but also who dares too much, who is provocative, very original or even revolutionary.

Audace is a snowboard with which you can dare, from the slopes to the park: a permissive and forgiving twin-tip that fear nothing and encourage the rider to do crazy things! Explosive pop but good grip and responsiveness: Audace is precise on the slopes and reactive to transfer energy in the Ollies and in the rotations. Thanks to the particular “radius not radius” profile it is extraordinary even in hard snow and icy conditions, while the rocker gives it a surprising floatation which makes it perfect for trying tricks from park to powder.


Poplar – ash woodcore | Triaxial fiberglass | Nano graphite base | Ash stringers and carbon stripes reinforcements | Bamboo sidewalls | 360° edges


sandy shapes snowboard AUDACE

sandy shapes snowboard AUDACE

sandy shapes snowboard AUDACE


Size (cm) 154 155 wide
Center width (mm) 249 259
Nose width(mm) 294 304
Tail width(mm) 294 304
Radius (m) 7,5 7,7
Rider weight (kg) 65-88 75-100
Rider feet 39-44 43-47
Stance (cm) 50-62 52-64




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