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sandy shapes snowboards regina
sandy shapes snowboard regina model in walnut finish

“Regina” is a board available in two sizes, designed for those who love speed and surf feeling. Thanks to the big length and to the slimmer nose and tail than those of the “Magnifica” and “Divina”, it has an incomparable flotation. The size 170 is wider and more powerful, the size 180 slimmer and faster, like the “Hawaiian gun” for the steepest waves! They are unique boards, ready to be surfed in the best days leaving unforgettable memories, emotions and feelings, and then to be jealously guarded in your quiver!

Available in all our FINISHES!


Paulownia – ash woodcore | Triaxial fiberglass| Nano graphite base | Ash stringers  and carbon stripes reinforcements |Bamboo sidewalls | Side by side edges | Aluminium tail and nose protections


sandy shapes snowboards REGINA

sandy shapes snowboards REGINA

sandy shapes snowboards REGINA


Size (cm) 180 170
Center width(mm) 258 270
Nose width(mm) 320 320
Tail width(mm) 303 303
Radius(m) 8,7 8,4
Rider weight(kg) 65-100 75-115
Rider feet 40-45 41-46
Stance (cm) 50-66 50-66



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