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sandy shapes snowboards zingara

“Zingara” is a very unique board: an all-mountain twin-tip with an incredible flotation and a high edge grip, with it you can move from extreme carving to powder. Comparable to an 8cm longer old school board, thanks to the “raduction” and the rounded nose and tail, it is easy to handle in any situation, from short-radius curves to wider radiuses. A progressive flex combined with a modern microcamber make the “Zingara” suitable for any snow and slope conditions, even for the most demanding riders.

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Paulownia – ash woodcore | Triaxial fiberglass| Nano graphite base | Ash stringers reinforcements |Bamboo sidewalls | Side by side edges | Aluminium tail and nose protections


sandy shapes snowboards ZINGARA

sandy shapes snowboards ZINGARA

sandy shapes snowboards ZINGARA


Size (cm) 153 159 161wide
Center width (mm) 248 256 270
Nose width (mm) 290 300 314
Tail width (mm) 290 300 314
Radius (m) 6,2 7,5 6,4
Rider weight (kg) 65-85 75-110 80-120
Rider feet 40-44 41-45 44-48
Stance (cm) 50-62 50-66 50-66




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