Did you fall in love with one or more of the Sandy Shapes snowboards?

You can purchase the Sandy Shapes snowboards directly from our AUTHORIZED DEALERS. If you have one near you, we suggest you contact them for information, and go to the store to experience first-hand, the unique quality of our products.

Il labortorio di Sandy Shapes snowboards, handmade in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy

If you want more information, a piece of expert advice, or wish to post a personalized order, you can contact us directly at . We will do our best to answer all your enquiries as soon as possible, and we will be happy to guide you in choosing the most suitable snowboard for you.

Visit our ONLINE SNOWBOARD SHOP to see all the snowboard and splitboard models and possible finishes available. If the board you want is sold out shoot us a message, and in just under 4 weeks you will receive your snowboard.

If you want to visit our workshop, we will be happy to receive you after you book an appointment. You will be able to see the cradle of Sandy Shapes snowboards and discover how they are born. We produce both custom-made skis and boards, as well as bespoke products, so do not hesitate to send us your request: we will happily study the project together with you.

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