Unique woodgrain Surf-skates made in Italy with wood from FSC certified forests

Sandy Shapes and "made in Italy" logos engraved on one of our surfskates

In present times surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding worlds are crossing over more and more, bringing together cultures from different legendary spots, such as California, Japan, Europe, etc., and thus evolving into new disciplines and equipment. Skaters want to take their tricks from the urban areas to nature; surfers want to ride on the snow and snowboarders want to draw lines on big waves. The city life then gets re-interpreted through the sensations, learned in the ocean and on the mountains.

Sandy Shapes has grown together with the boardsport cultures: we experienced their evolution first hand, and we have interpreted them in our own way. Our boards are created to bring innovation and performance to the game, all while allowing us to pursue the values we believe in, such as sustainability and the world-renowned Italian design and manifacturing.


30”x9.5” WB 17.5”
Mediterraneo: sustainable surfskate in red ash wood


31”x10” WB 18.5”
Pacifico: sustainable surfskate cruiser with natural ash wood grain


32”x10.5” WB 19”
Tropicale: sustainable fish tail surfskate in blue ash wood
Cruising downhill on a surfskate


Surf-Skates are skateboards with shapes inspired by surfboards and trucks with a wider turning radius. These “surf trucks” allow the board to rock “rail-to-rail” while remaining stable to simulate the “pumping” movement performed by surfers on the waves, as well as the other surfing manoeuvres.

If you’ve ever tried surfing, you know that the time spent standing on the board is a minor part of a surf session: most of the time is spent paddling around and waiting for the perfect wave (or just about).

You must add that you need waves for surfing, and therefore you have to wait for the right swell. As you know, this wait becomes much more time-consuming if you don’t live close to the ocean.


Skateboards were born originally to fulfill the surfers’ desire to keep training and having fun, even during flat spells.
However, standard skate trucks have a limited turning radius, and if excessively loosened, they become too wobbly and unstable. Meanwhile freestyle boards are too short and normally have wheels that are too small to cruise and practice surfing manoeuvres.

Surfskates finally allow you to train your surfing skills, even on mainland, giving you a progression otherwise impossible when just surfing occasionally. This is why they are spreading fast all over the world and getting more and more attention.

Additionally, a surfskate is a fun and stylish way to cruise on the seafront promenades or in the city. They can be used as a means of transport, allowing you to generate speed without having to push with one foot, as is the case with standard skates and longboards.



The aim to minimize the production waste led us to create a line of skateboards directly made from the scraps of the natural wood surfaces used for our snowboards.

Since the raw material consists of 2.5m sheets and the snowboards measure between 140 and 180cm in length, we constantly had leftovers of wood, too precious to be wasted. So we decided to use them to create something new and unique, to valorize that wood: and that’s how the Sandy Shapes Surfskates were born!

Certfied wood sheets for the Sandy Shapes wooden surfskates

Each skate deck comprises surfaces either from natural or coloured ash and walnut from our snowboard production, with 9 internal layers of beech wood, this to obtain an optimal structure and flex.

We only choose the best quality raw materials; all types of wood we use are FSC certified. The FSC® certification identifies products made using wood from sustainable forests, certified according to rigorous standards.

The decks are then treated to reach the necessary strength and durability while at the same time, maintaining a look and feel that is as natural as possible. Finally, we let the riders choose whether or not to apply the grip and choose the one they prefer.

As in our snowboards, our skates’ final look and feel is one of natural wood, with ever-changing grains combined with laser engravings. This way, each Sandy Shapes surfskate will be truly unique.

How surfskates are made


Allround Surfskate, inspired by classic surf cruisers.

31”x10” WB 18.5”

Thanks to a generous width, but not excessive length, it’s the right deck to have fun with when snow or waves are scarce, but also to cruise around the city. Its gentle concave and wide surface allow greater control while carving and a stable and soft ride, while the pronounced kick-tail lets you perform fast and tight turns during your manoeuvres.

Pacifico is suitable for experienced skaters looking for a smooth and enjoyable ride, but also for beginners, who will find it forgiving and easy to ride.

Mediterraneo: sustainable surfskate in walnut wood


Short Surfskate for fast cutbacks and responsive turns

30”x9.5” WB 17.5”

An incredibly snappy and maneuverable deck, thanks to its narrow wheelbase, but easy to ride thanks to a deep concavity, which offers a solid base for your feet.

Mediterraneo is designed for experienced skaters who want to take their manoeuvres from the asphalt to the playful waves of the Mediterranean sea. Thanks to its narrow width, it is also suitable for small-footed riders and children, it doesn’t matter if they are an expert or at the beginning of their skateboarding career.

Its small size also makes it portable and perfect for getting around town.


Swallowtail Surfskate inspired by fish surfboards, for “old-school” riders.

32”x10.5” WB 19”

Its good length and wide wheelbase make this deck comfortable and stable, also suitable for speeding and wide turns, as its generous concave allows a good grip and controlled movements.

Tropicale is long enough to let the skater move along the deck but remains manoeuvrable and fast at all times. This board is best suited for long rides in open spaces, such as on the seafront promenades while waiting for the swell.

Tropicale: sustainable fish tail surfskate in orange ash wood
Surfskating on a mountain road


  • Skate deck
  • Surfskate trucks 6.25” in an elegant black color
  • 4 x riser pads 3mm thick
  • 70×51 mm – 82A squared edge Skate Wheels in black
  • ABEC 9 Bearings
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Skate Multi-tool

    Just like with our snowboards, we give you the chance to customize your skate deck through laser engraving. Surf the streets on a one-of-a-kind board!

    The laser technology allows us to engrave the wooden surface of our skates, creating custom designs, dedications or initials.
    This way, we avoid using any type of paint, varnish or ink, and we have the chance to customize both a single piece or a custom series on request.

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