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Sandy Shapes Snowboards is a pursuit, a continuous search that takes shape in our boards but stems from our passion and involvement in the snowboarding culture, and from the love for our planet where we are free to express ourselves.

Our commitment is to raise the standards: design and create a one-of-a-kind natural wood snowboard and splitboard collection, characterized by performance, sustainability, authentic Italian craftsmanship and constant search for innovation.

Sustainability at the center

sandy shapes sustainability scheme with people performance and planet


The concept is simple: environmental sustainability is part of us. We would not be here designing and selling snowboards for a living if we did not have respect for planet Earth. If our natural landscapes get compromised or destroyed, then we would not be able to continue to experience the mountains and pursue our outdoor activities.

“If we want to continue doing what we love, and allow future generations to enjoy the same opportunities, sustainability must be our foundation”.

Of course, everything we do has an impact on the environment, such as snowboarding and everything that revolves around it. But our duty and commitment as a company is to reduce this impact to a minimum. We want to use snowboarding as a means of sharing a message, pushing for an increasingly conscious and sustainable practice.

Being a completely independent production, we can afford taking radical decisions quickly. For us, quality doesn’t come to terms with quantity, and is essential for sustainability.

We have total control of each phase of the production, so we are free to choose the materials, optimise them and experiment. We also personally manage wastes which we effectively reduce.

Improved durability is our most sustainable choice.

We constantly search for better materials and technologies, with the aim of realizing products that are as durable and as easy to repair as possible, therefore making them more sustainable.

“We want to create craft objects that are timeless”.

We do not follow fashion and trends. We have no seasonal collections, the innovations that we implement year by year are functional rather than aesthetic.

Thanks to its natural diversity, each piece of wood is unique and has a timeless beauty. In our snowboards, wood takes a prime role, again. it’s not just an aesthetic factor, it’s a conscious choice of an iconic material, a tribute to the origins of this sport, and at the same time, an encouragement to the riders, to experience snowboarding in a different way.

splitboarding in the mountains


The Italian design has always been recognised all over the world for being world class. When we work, we try to honour this principle in every aspect.
The pursuit of performance starts from our decisions, and extends to every step of the production: design, materials, and finally testing and sales. We believe that the final result is achieved when there is a feel of performance throughout the whole system, at every stage of the process, and in all the people involved.

Coupling Italian with an advanced industrial system allowed us to create a company that stands out on the global scene.

Our wooden snowboards get born not only from utilising the latest generation of design and finishing tools, but at the same time through an artisanal gluing method, where the man’s hands and eyes are still the key factors. We follow the production step by step, checking quality several times during the process.

The added value generated by the combination of expertise and technology, cannot be reproduced either by the standard industrial production processes, or by those of the traditional craftsmen.

Sandy Shapes, snowboard artigianali in legno, made in Italy


People are the core of Sandy Shapes Snowboards.
Although we are not a traditional workshop or reached a large industrial milestone, we still afford to be just a group of people, with ideas and passions to share, before being skilled workers.

What we do doesn’t follow an industrial logic.

We firstly do it for ourselves, as it generates from our personal passion for the world we live in. If we aren’t satisfied with what we are doing, how can we think of transmitting it to the others?

Our Snowboards become means of attempting to share our culture, passions and emotions, and an avenue for engaging in a dialogue, to discover and fulfill the wishes and needs of the riders.

We spent years on the slopes, testing materials and listening to riders.
Every Sandy Shape snowboard has its own history and gap to fill, following a constructive philosophy that starts right from the people.

The ultimate goal is to excel in what we do, to have a positive impact not only for the environment, but also on the people.

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