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Nowadays, freestyle snowboarding is no longer just a sub-culture, it is officially recognized as one of the most technical and spectacular disciplines around, with athletes from every mountain of the world pushing the limits of what is physically possible.

Freestyle snowboards are best suited for riding in terrain parks, halfpipes, or on rails and urban-like features. Maneuverability and pop are their main qualities, thanks to a twin-tip shape, a reduced length, and a softer flex. Some models can be defined as all-mountain freestyle, and combine the versatility of an all-mountain snowboard with the playfulness of a freestyle snowboard.

Amara - Snowboard in legno con microcamber da Freestyle e per pista

All-mountain Freestyle snowboard with microcamber
154 – 155w cm


Freestyle is probably the most popular discipline in Snowboarding, thanks to world-famous competitions like the X Games and, since 1998, the winter Olympics.

Born as a toy, Snowboarding soon attracted a crowd of Surfers and Skaters. Rebel youth spending most of their days at the beach or riding bowls and urban features.

Many of these folks were real daredevils, and their stunts were reported by TV, specialized magazines, and VHS. The first snowboard movie I ever saw was Apocalypse Snow, it was 1983, and I was just 9 years old.

At the beginning of my coaching career, I trained a team of promising groms; I rode them from the city to the mountains in my van every weekend. Some of them ended up competing in halfpipe and freestyle competitions at international level.

Once you master the art of carving on a snowboard edge, there’s virtually no limit to what you’ll be able to do on your board!

La firma di Alessandro Marchi, detto "Sandy"

Twin-Tip Snowboards

Stay balanced, shred both ways

It’s the typical board geometry adopted for freestyle boards. On a twin-tip board, the rider is positioned perfectly in the center for maximum stability and ease of use while riding switch…


The Art of Flying

Verb: To fly

To float or move quickly through the air.
i.e., “I’ve got the snowboard under my feet
I can fly so high, I can fall so deep”.

Since the aviation pioneers like Leonardo da Vinci, every rider’s dream is to get airborne and experience that thrilling sensation which is the feeling of your body floating in the air.

I guess almost every single rider decided to start snowboarding after seeing some insane stunts performed, taking off from a kicker or a frozen halfpipe.


A pro-rider choice

The camber profile is the choice of the more experienced riders who want a great edge grip on hard snow and a powerful board when ollieing.

In our Microcamber profile, the arch extends in the binding area, becoming flat before reaching the tip and tail, then it rises up with a very wide radius, making these boards highly responsive and accurate.


Ribelle Camber

The “Ribelle” is a reducted board that hides the performance of a larger board thanks to structural elements such as carbon stripes and ash inserts.

The camber model is “poppy,” more demanding and precise, but thanks to the “raduction” concept, it is still very light and maneuverable in all snow conditions.

Sandy shapes Ribelle, twin-tip freestyle snowboard in natural wood

138 – 143 – 147 – 148 cm



From the Streets to the Mountains

Jibbing: gerund or present participle of Jib

Riding a non-piste surface.
i.e. “he was jibbing the staircase”

Since the beginning, Snowboarding has been practiced by surfers and skateboarders. Snowboarding tricks are so heavily influenced by skateboarding, particularly talking about “grinds.”

Jibbing is the act of riding a snowboard balancing on top of a structure such as rails, boxes, barrels, rocks, stairs and rooftops. Pretty much anything which isn’t snow.
Purposely hitting an object while flying on top of it is also called“bonk.”


The rocker profile is characterized by a soft and progressive curve from the center to both ends. It makes these boards very manageable and forgiving, with less risk of catching edges when sliding on features. You’ll also find it fast when turning and poppy in the ollies.

Rocker Profile

Ribelle Rocker

“Ribelle” is an undisciplined board for rebel riders who don’t like schemes and conventions and love doing what they want.

The rocker model, soft and playful, is pure fun and will make you float on the snow and slide over any feature fearless.
This is your board of choice if you like “buttering”: executing flat-ground tricks bending your board by “pressing” your weight on top of the nose or tail.

Be prepared: this tiny twin-tip board, seemingly harmless, hides a very strong character.

Sandy shapes Ribelle, twin-tip freestyle snowboard in green wood

138 – 143 – 147 – 148 cm



Riding reduced snowboards is a concept introduced by Burton in the late 2000s.
“Raduction” allows you to ride a snowboard 8-10 cm shorter than you normallywould. Raducted boards seem small but deliver great performance and are a lot of fun. The reduced size and lightness make them easy to control and perfect for learning new tricks, while their structure guarantees stability and grip equal to those of a standard-sized board.

reduced snowboard


Freeride, Freestyle, Carving or All-Mountain, whatever your snowboarding style is, we got you covered.

Can’t decide? Shoot us a message, tell us your story and your riding preferences, we’ll be glad to give you some personalized tips.

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