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Choose your Sandy Shapes All-Mountain Snowboard

All-Mountain snowboards are the most versatile snowboard category, designed to perform in all snow conditions and different terrains, from groomed slopes to parks and powder snow.

An All-Mountain board will be the best choice for beginners, the most convenient for those who want to have a unique snowboard quiver for doing “anything,” and the most versatile for riders who like to express themselves freely without letting themselves be cataloged.

Zingara - Snowboard twin-tip all-mountain in legno nero

153 – 159 – 161 wide

Twin-tip All-mountain Snowboard for maximum freestyle-freeride performance


All-Mountain snowboarding is creativity and the ability to adapt. It is the freedom to conduct curves on groomed slopes and going of them whenever you want, in search of powder snow, icy ramps, or wild terrains.

If you love everything about snowboarding, from groomers on freshly pulled slopes to powder to park rides. An All-Mountain snowboard is the right board for you.

An All-Mountain snowboard is also a perfect choice for riders who want to have a unique board as a quiver. According to your preferences, you will have the chance to choose a board with an All-Mountain Freeride or All-Mountain Freestyle inclination.

Enjoy the mountain in all its aspects, being aware of having under your feet a weapon that will respond to your daily mood and will never leave you alone, whatever you want to do!

La firma di Alessandro Marchi, detto "Sandy"
Londy jumping while freeriding


Noun: Versatility

Ability to adapt to many different functions or activities.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose a perfectly symmetrical twin-tip model or a “fake twin” shape with setback, in either microcamber or rocker variants. Make your choice according to your riding level and preferred style.


If you like carved turns, speed, and bigger jumps, opt for a “Microcamber” profile.


If you enjoy buttering on the slopes, prefer powder snow to groomed snow or if you’re learning, consider a rocker profile, more playful and forgiving.


Our “fake twin-tip” shape has the same sidecut as a twin-tip snowboard but has a shorter, flatter tail and a wider tip.

These features make this kind of board versatile for all-mountain riding and suitable for any snow conditions while maintaining the playful character of a twin-tip snowboard.

sandy shapes fake twin tip snowboard


A delightful board with a wide shape. Despite its small size and generous width, it is incredibly smooth and agile, fun to ride on every terrain, and responsive for every discipline! The small size makes it nice and maneuverable, the microcamber enhances edge grip and pop, while the wide surface and the fake-twin tip shape grant an excellent floatation in powder snow.

Deliziosa - Snowboard fake twin-tip, extra wide e “raducted” in frassino verde

149cm Wide


All-Mountain Freeride Snowboards retain some of the characteristics of off-piste and powder-specific snowboards but present less “extreme” and more versatile designs.


Snowboard All-mountain Freeride
For steep terrains and cliffs

790 €

Sandy shapes snowboard freeride in neve fresca


In the all-mountain snowboards, the central point between the two bindings does not always correspond to the center of the board: this setup is called “setback stance”.

Directional and freeride boards are characterized by a setback setup that can vary from 2 to 5 cm.

While riding on a setback stance, the rider’s weight moves towards the tail of the board, relieving the nose, which is more easily lifted in powder snow. The rider can thus remain more relaxed and maintain a natural position, not needing much effort to raise the nose.

A moderate 2cm setback stance helps in the setting of turns and is suitable for All-mountain use, while a setback approaching 5cm will be more Freeride oriented and suitable for more experienced riders.

All-Mountain Freestyle Snowboards will rather maintain a perfectly centered stance for riding switch effortlessly.


All-Mountain Freestyle Snowboards are playful and forgiving boards but more adaptable to different situations if compared to pure freestyle boards.


A “reduced” shape allows you to use a snowboard 8-10 cm shorter than your normal size. These boards are apparently small but are capable of great performances for maximum fun. Their reduced size and lightness make them easy to control and perfect for learning, from the basics to more advanced tricks. Finally, their particular structure guarantees stability and grip equal to those of normal-sized boards.

sandy shapes raduction snowboard


An undisciplined board for rebel riders who don’t like schemes and conventions and love doing what they want. Thanks to the “raduction,” Ribelle is very light and manoeuvrable in all snow conditions but still delivers the performance of a larger board thanks to structural elements such as carbon stripes and ash inserts.

The Camber model is “poppy,” more demanding and precise, while the Rocker model is soft, playful, and more floaty.




Freeride, Freestyle, Carving or All-Mountain, whatever your snowboarding style is, we got you covered!

Can’t decide? Shoot us a message, tell us your story and your riding preferences, we’ll be glad to give you some personalized tips.
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