Wood evolution is the new sandyshapes technology for use real wood topsheet in handmade snowboards, but also in furnitures and different applications
Finely crafted wooden snowboards, handmade in Italy by sandy shapes, in the mountains
sandy shapes snowboard features and technology
why chose sandy shapes finely crafted artisanal snowboard
sandy shapes snowboard sandy carving with zingara twin tip board in walnut finish
Sandy Shapes egoista is a directional freeride snowboard, handmade with a wood topsheet and a moon tail
Sandyshapes are handmade wooden snowboard with a natural wood topsheet, available in different finishes, colors and wood type
Sandyshapes snowboard Regina: a powsurf swallowtail freeride board, handmade with a wooden finish
Rider with sandy shapes snowboard virtuosa splitboard descending the parrotspize in the monte rosa massif
sandy shapes snowboard audace twin tip rocker board snowpark
girl with a wooden snowboard in the wood, sandyshapes has also models for female riders
sandyshapes snowboard ribelle in new green color
sandy shapes snowboards dealer list
sandyshapes snowboard woodcores are high precision cut with cnc machines
Sandyshaps snowboard swallowtail magnifica with a blue Tiffany wood finish in a mountain landscape in Italy
sandy shapes snowboard deliziosa, rider doing a method trick
sandy shapes snowboards bespoke collaboration with Nicola gallizia design to develop the piano forte chair in wood evolution
sandy shapes snowboard all mountain freeride virtuosa, reverse nose turn in powder
Sandyshapes appears in different media, websites and magazine, with videos and interview, about snowboarding and not only
instagram logo and sandyshapes page and hashtag #sandyshapes
sandy shapes snowboard events impuntai resort demo
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