Fantastica Abonos


Our special collection in Abonos™ finish, a fossil wood sourced from the river bed of the Sava, in the north east of the Balkan Peninsula. Its colors can vary from golden, to red, to black, with an always different shade and grain: each trunk is not only a raw material but also a piece of history.

The word “Fantastica” means fantastic, imaginary, wonderful, fabulous [from the Latin phantastĭcus, Greek ϕανταστικός]. “Fantastico” is what is fantasy or created by fantasy, unreal, imaginary. It is also referred to real objects or facts, which to be extraordinary and unusual, seem to be created by fantasy. As a hyperbole it is often used as a superlative, and this is the case of Fantastica: simply fantastic.

While surfing this board you will feel like you are entering into another world, so beautiful that it can only be a figment of ones imagination! Thanks to the directional shape, the long nose and the slim profile it can float and maintain a very high speed even in the deepest snow, where it will give you the powder sprays you’ve always dreamed of. A board surfy in powder but also very fun in the slopes, where gives support and stability even at the highest speed, and a soft shape inspired by the world of surfing to complete its charm.


Size (cm) 153 163
Center width (mm)  244  257
Nose width (mm)  289  303
Tail width (mm)  281  297
Radius (m)  6,9  8
Rider weight (kg)  50-75  70-110
Rider feet  38-41  41-43
Stance (cm) 46-62 50-66


Poplar – ash woodcore | Triaxial fiberglass | Nano graphite base | Ash stringers  and carbon stripes reinforcements | Bamboo sidewalls | Side by side edges | Aluminium tail and nose protections
sandy shapes snowboards fantastica sandy shapes snowboards fantastica sandy shapes snowboards fantastica


*Like the wood they are made out of, every Sandy Shapes snowboard is unique. This finish is illustrative and will vary in the grain and shade, depending on the veneer used.


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