Directional and ‘raducted’ freeride snowboard with a moon-tail


The word “Egoista” means selfish, self-centered [from the Latin ĕgo, me]. Selfish is who sins of selfishness, the attitude of one who cares only about himself and for his own usefulness.

So why is this board’s name Egoista? It’s simple: because when this board is on the slope, it wants all the slope for itself! The generous width at the center and the peculiar shape with a large blunt nose and a soft moon-tail, combined with our freeride profile, increase the flotation at any speed, while ash structural elements and the positive core profile make this board performant also on groomed snow. Egoista is a “raducted” board that, despite the size of only 152cm, allows riders from 65 kg to 100 kg to conquer the slopes both in powder and in the ski areas.

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Size (cm) 152
Center width (mm) 261
Nose width (mm) 308
Tail width(mm) 300
Radius (m) 8
Rider weight (kg) 65-100
Rider feet 42-46
Stance (cm) 48-60


Poplar – ash woodcore | Triaxial fiberglass | Nano graphite base | Ash stringers reinforcements | Bamboo sidewalls | Side by side edges | Aluminium tail and nose protections


sandy shapes snowboards egoista sandy shapes snowboards egoista sandy shapes snowboards egoista

*Like the wood they are made out of, every Sandy Shapes snowboard is unique. This finish is illustrative and will vary in the grain and shade, depending on the veneer used.

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