a modern craftsmanship

After a whole life of dedication to snowboarding and to its innovation, and thanks to the intuitions and experiences gained on the ski slopes and working for winter sports companies, Alessandro Marchi “Sandy” creates Sandy Shapes, a young Snowboard Company based in Friuli Venice Giulia, producing wooden snowboards completely Made in Italy,
The artisan skills combined with the competitiveness of the Italian industrial system led to the creation of a company that stands out internationally.

Sandy Shapes, snowboard artigianali in legno, made in Italy

Craftsmanship has always been a distinctive trait for the Italian culture and economy, and in this culture, the process for the realization of each new Sandy Shapes model is rooted. Each board is built using advanced design and machine tools, such as numerical control machines to cut and prepare materials. These tools are coupled with an artisanal method of assembly and finishing, with precise control of gluing times and temperatures, heating and cooling, in order to take advantage of the best properties of each material and component. It is not only a single material that determines the quality of a snowboard, but the perfect harmony of all those used.

This modern craftsmanship becomes the key to creating boards with unmatched performance and design, by meticulously controlling not only their quality in any phase of the production, but also allowing their replicability. We are so able to obtain a final result that can not be reproduced in industrial production processes or in traditional artisanal workshops.

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