All-mountain twin-tip snowboard from freestyle to freeride

The word “Zingara” means gipsy, rover [it is an Italian adaption of the names Atsigan and then Tsigan, attributed to the Gypsies as an adaptation of the Greek Αϑίγγανος]. Literally “Zingaro” is someone belonging to the ethnic group of Gypsies and its traditions. With this reference it is used in the common language referring to a nomadic life, without a permanent home, thus  being subject to continuous transfers or location changes.

Zingara is a board that loves to travel, designed to explore the world: from the most famous snow parks, to the heliskiing trips, or simply in the local ski area… it will always follow you and will never disappoint you! It is a very unique twin-tip all-mountain, with an incredible flotation and a high edge grip, with it you can move from extreme carving to powder. A progressive flex combined with a modern microcamber, shaped with a chamfered nose and tail, that make it suitable for any snow and slope condition, easy to manage in any situation, but able to always satisfy even the most demanding riders.

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Size (cm) 153 159 161 wide
Center width (mm) 248  256  270
Nose width (mm) 290  300  314
Tail width (mm) 290  300  314
Radius (m) 6,2  7,5  6,4
Rider weight (kg) 65-85  75-110  80-120
Rider feet 40-44  41-45  44-48
Stance (cm) 50-62 50-66 50-66


Paulownia – ash woodcore | Triaxial fiberglass| Nano graphite base | Ash stringers reinforcements |Bamboo sidewalls | Side by side edges | Aluminium tail and nose protections

sandy shapes snowboards ZINGARA sandy shapes snowboards ZINGARA sandy shapes snowboards ZINGARA

*Like the wood they are made out of, every Sandy Shapes snowboard is unique. This finish is illustrative and will vary in the grain and shade, depending on the veneer used.


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