Directional wide snowboard for carving and powder


The word “Virtuosa” means virtuous, honest, expert [from the Latin virtuosus, derived from virtus, virtue]. “Virtuoso” is who has virtue as a moral disposition, is strong and valiant, but also very skilled and experienced, talented in a science or an art.

Virtuosa is a simple and humble board but with an incredible potential, able to amaze with its power and performance when it finds the right rider that can exploit it. An all-mountain directional shape and a good setback, with a wide nose and a slim tail, that allows to make extremely precise curves on every slope and to float in powder like never before. A generous center width and a 169wide size to make even the biggest riders forget the “boots drag”, but to have a quick and responsive board in all snow conditions.

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Size (cm) 159 166 169 wide
Center width (mm) 258 259 275
Noe width (mm) 320 321 338
Tail width (mm) 294 293 310
Radius (m) 7,5 7,4 7,3
Rider weight (kg) 70-100 80-120 80-125
Rider feet 41-45 43-47 44-48
Stance (cm) 50-66 50-66 52-68


Poplar – paulownia – ash woodcore | Triaxial fiberglass | Nano graphite base | Ash stringers and carbon stripes reinforcements | Bamboo sidewalls | Side by side edges | Aluminium tail and nose protections

sandy shapes snowboard VIRTUOSA sandy shapes snowboard VIRTUOSA sandy shapes snowboard VIRTUOSA

*As the wood they are made of, every Sandy Shapes snowboards is unique. This finish is illustrative and will vary in the grain and shade, depending on the veneer used.

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