Zingara splitboard


Zingara is a splitboard dedicated to the new generations, suitable for both experienced splitboarders looking for a fun and reactive board, and for those who have a good experience on the slopes and in the freeride and want to start touring and exploring the mountains. The twin-tip shape and a medium flex make it manoeuvrable and versatile, while the microcamber keeps it performing on difficult terrain and ice, even uphill and in situations that require great precision.
The construction is a high-level technological concentrate: a special lightweight woodcore, reinforced with beech and carbon, triaxial fiberglass to control the torsion and increase sensitivity and aluminum protections in the nose and tail. This results in an all-mountain board suitable for every condition and always reliable: lightness, grip, ease of use and adaptability, trust her and the Zingara will be able to follow you on any itinerary, from trips to the most remote locations, to the unexplored slopes in the backyard.

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natural ash +
black ash +
green ash +
red ash +
blue ash +
walnut +
Abonos +
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Size (cm) 153 159 161 wide
Center width (mm) 248 256 270
Nose width (mm) 290 300 314
Tail width (mm) 290 300 314
Radius (m) 6,2 7,5 6,4
Rider weight (kg) 65-85 75-110 80-120
Rider feet 40-44 41-45 44-48
Stance (cm) 50-62 50-66 50-66


Paulownia – poplar – ash woodcore | Triaxial fiberglass| Nano graphite base | Beech and carbon reinforcements | Internal and external ABS sidewalls | Side by side edges | Aluminium tail and nose protections


sandy shapes snowboards ZINGARA SPLIT sandy shapes snowboards ZINGARA SPLIT sandy shapes snowboards ZINGARA SPLIT

*Like the wood they are made out of, every Sandy Shapes snowboard is unique. This finish is illustrative and will vary in the grain and shade, depending on the veneer used.


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