Beauty Care Treatment kit


To protect the Wood Evolution surface of your board it is important to take care of it whenever necessary with the provided Beauty Care Treatment Kit. The kit, included with the purchase of a board, can be used for the periodic surface maintenance, to repair scratches and to “feed” the wood, through the sanding pad and the treatment.

If you have finished your first Beauty Care, you can buy a top-up here. We will provide you with a new treatment bottle and the sanding pad.

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1- Lightly smooth the wooden surface with the sanding pad, focusing more on areas where there may be scratches and dirt. We suggest to periodically remove the binding to apply the treatment even in the areas below.

2- Accurately remove the dust and clean up the board, which must be smooth and dry before applying the treatment.

3- Pour some treatment on the provided cloth and spread it out, oiling the whole surface. Don’t use too much: the wood has to absorb the treatment and the surface should not remain greasy.

4- Let your snowboard rest in a dry and ventilated area for 12 to 24 hours.
You are now ready to shred again!


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