coltivazione di paulownia in Friuli Venezia Giulia, piantine in serra
coltivazione di paulownia in Friuli Venezia Giulia, alberi
coltivazione di paulownia in Friuli Venezia Giulia, tronchi
coltivazione di paulownia in Friuli Venezia Giulia, materia prima grezza in assi

Starting from the next season our snowboards woodcore will be not only produced directly by us, but will also contain a special ingredient: the paulownia wood grown and processed locally in our region, in Friuli Venezia Giulia. This will allow us to obtain products with even greater quality and performance, but also to make our snowboards more and more sustainable!

Paulownia is a tree native of Asia but which appears and spreads in Europe since the early 1800s, imported by the India Trading Company. It is not only a majestic tree, with large heart-shaped leaves and very decorative and fragrant blooms from which you can get an excellent honey, but it has also very special properties and characteristics.

It is the hardwood tree with the fastest growth in the world, and if cultivated with the right conditions and depending on its species, it can reach a height of 15 meters in just 3 years.

Even its leaves have a very fast growth and thanks to their large size they have an enormous CO2 absorption capacity, up to ten times more than other trees, so much that its cultivation in many countries is already being used by companies as carbon credits to offset emissions. If it is grown in a suitable place it also requires very little care, and nothing of the plant remains unused: it is a source of combustible that does not cause deforestation and its leaves are an excellent nourishment for cattle and sheep.

But the characteristics that make this plant important and increasingly used in the industry are those of the wood that is obtained from it. It is considered a category A wood, clean and crisp, with very few knots, and is 30% lighter than any other comparable type of hardwood. Despite this, it is very resistant to torsion (it grows straight), to contraction (does not split) and in general to deformation, also due to temperature and humidity changes.

Thanks to these properties is considered the aluminum of wood, and used in various fields: production of furniture, plywood and panels, prefabricated houses, yacht interiors and high-quality finishes, and also in the winter sports industry. With its lightness and excellent mechanical properties it is in fact the perfect wood for the construction of high quality woodcores for skis and snowboards.

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