Ribelle camber


All-mountain Freestyle twin-tip camber snowboard


The word “Ribelle” means disobedient, rebellious [from the Latin rebellis, derived from the verb rebellare: to rebel]. It is an adjective for those who rise against authority, rejecting obedience and submission. A “Ribelle” is indocile and shows impatience to external constraints or impositions.
Ribelle is exactly like this, an undisciplined board for rebel riders, that don’t like schemes and conventions and love to do what they want. Thanks to the “raduction” concept it is very light and manoeuvrable in all snow conditions, but it hides the performance of a larger board thanks to structural elements such as carbon stripes and ash inserts. The camber model is “poppy”, more demanding and precise, while remaining very pleasant under the feet and surprisingly floaty. Remember to choose your size from 6 to 10 cm shorter than a standard board and be prepared: this tiny twin-tip board, appearing harmless, hides a very strong character!

Choose the size and finish you prefer.
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Size (cm) 138 143 147 148 wide
Center width (mm) 243 261 258 268
Nose width (mm) 282 307 295 307
Tail width (mm) 282 307 295 307
Radius (m)  5,6 6,5 6,25 6,5
Rider weight (kg)  42-70 55-68 65-95 75-110
Rider feet  35-41 39-43 42-44 44-47
Stance (cm) 46-58 48-60 50-62 50-62


Poplar – ash woodcore | Triaxial fiberglass | Nano graphite base | Ash stringers and carbon stripes reinforcements | Bamboo sidewalls | 360° edges

sandy shapes snowboard ribelle CAMBER sandy shapes snowboard ribelle CAMBER sandy shapes snowboard ribelle CAMBER

*Like the wood they are made out of, every Sandy Shapes snowboard is unique. This finish is illustrative and will vary in the grain and shade, depending on the veneer used.


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